The largest factory in France start producing wood pellets for heating in Nièvre, announced its operator, while the demand for pellets flew to France with the strong growth of wood heating.

The Biosyl SMEs began in December production on its new site Cosne -Cours -sur- Loire (Nièvre), which displays a production capacity of 120,000 tons per year, confirming a report on specialized site Green Universe. This plant, which represents an investment of € 21 million, with thirty employees, is 60% owned by Biosyl, 20% by 123Venture investment funds and 20% by Archimbaud, two main actors of the pellet market in France.

The wood for the production of pellets, pellet feeding small stoves and boilers, will be provided by the forest cooperative Unisylva, from forest and no more from sawmills. They have indeed become inadequate because of the revival of wood heating and decline of sawmills in France, told AFP Antoine de Cockborne, Biosyl owner.

The wood used comes from "cleaning" the forest, tree cutting done by the workers to let the light pass and help neighboring trees. These cuttings were hitherto by the paper industry and chipboard, but the difficulties of these sectors in France have made them more accessible, explained to Cockborne.

The French pellet market is currently growing at a very high rate of "30-40%" per year, says Cockborne, driven by sales of stoves and wood boilers. According to him, the demand for wood pellets has reached 850,000 tons in 2013 (including 100,000 imported) and could exceed 1.1 million tons this year.

Consequence: the different actors (Sawmill Piveteau, Archimbaud, Cogra Grinders Wood Energy, etc.) increased their capacity and several sites were opened in the last month in France.