The French Sawmills Association moved to the House of the forest and wood in Besançon and sounds the alarm: “The French sawmills have no raw material and are on the brink of closure because wood is exported crude to Asia with the complicity of the State.”

The share of wood raw material represents approximately 55 % of the cost of a product transformed by a sawmill. An increased purchasing price of 25 to 30% leads to an increase in the selling price of 15% on average, which adds to further increases in fixed costs and operating (energy , wages).

But in 2014, only a 7% increase in average can be accepted by the world market, facing the American competition and the countries of Northern Europe and the East.
Sawmills are therefore forced to absorb a deficit that degrade their financial structure, or cease and reduce activity.
The French Sawmills Association is created to gather SMEs that provide first wood processing  even closer of forest resources, whatever their size, whether local or international, whether unionized or not.

The Association aims to ensure a backup of the economy of rural areas ant their vitality, the forest occupying one third of the national territory. The FSA wants to generate a new elan for the French sawmills an give the prospects by redefining the ways of supply so that they can establish to their markets and find economic balance.

To maintain jobs and added value, the FSA compel their members to engage not to export logs purchased from the French forest owners, a document signed by each of them. Nearly 200 sawmills already mobilized.

The Association requested to correct time sales systems and finally have a medium-term view of the holders of the resource. "In a few years China will have its own autonomy following the phenomenal reforestation effort she has done. On a smaller scale, Britain organized the production chain and now reduced the share of imports of timber," explains the FSA, " if national actors interact , concrete actions are quickly possible.”