There is a growing demand for coniferous logs and timber in the industry. For decanter wood and industry, forest owners find wood processors buyers in the summer months. To improve the share of Swiss timber market, it is important to start the new harvest season early and deliver fresh wood. According to the forecasts of economics experts, the Swiss economy continues to evolve favorably. The increase, however, could be a little less strong in the near future.

Exports expectations for industrial enterprises are not quite as optimistic as in recent months. However, the outlook in construction and consumption has been only slightly modified. Domestic demand continues to support the economic developments. Overall, there are signs for growth in construction and the need for timber is rising. In the Swiss sawmill industry, the demand for softwood saw logs remains good with a permanently uneven supply. Sawyers defend their sawn wood production against the strong price - this also thanks to a growing interest in the Swiss woods.

Provided there is no windfall in greater numbers, we can expect a strong demand for both softwood and hardwood logs. Early wood cuts will be needed soon. CMB assumes that mills that need fresh wood early create adequate incentives. Therefore, it is important to determine the buyers needs and have a logging plan set early enough, so that it can respond to the request. Associations continue to make efforts to promote the use of Swiss wood, despite its high price. The next meeting of the CMB will probably be held in October 2014.

Commission price recommendation for timber market 05/20/2014

 CHF/m3                             July 2013                               May 2014
                             Joint Recommendation     Joint Recommendation

Spruce 2b L1 B                     115                                       115
Spruce L1 4 B                       119                                       119
Spruce L1 3 C                        95                                         95
Spruce L1 5 C                        85                                         88
Spruce L3 3 B                       119                                       119
Spruce L3 3 C                        95                                         95
Fir reduction                        10-13                                    10-13
Beech 4 B                                  -                                       95
Beech 4 C                                  -                                     65-75