If you are planning to engage into a personal woodworking project, you will love the tips that Steve Ramsey from WoodWorkingForMereMortals.com offers. Do you need a quick stating guide in this area? Looking for initial tips from an industry expert? Learn more about that in this brief interview with Steve Ramsey.


WoodAlert team: Please introduce yourself briefly

Steve Ramsey: Hi I am Steve Ramsey. I have a woodworking show that encourages everyone to try making things out of wood.


WoodAlert team: How did you find your passion for woodworking and what made you start blogging?

Steve Ramsey: I have been passionate about woodworking since I was about 12 years old. I got interested in creating WWMM because I saw a need for a woodworking show that would inspire people to get involved.


WoodAlert team: What is your favorite wood project?

Steve Ramsey: I don't know if I have a favorite, but by marshmallow crossbow last year was very popular. I am also very fond of my purple bench made out of 2x4s.


WoodAlert team: Do you have a favorite wood specie?

Steve Ramsey: Not really. I use wood that seems appropriate for the project. Lately, I have been using a lot of free pallet wood. Sometimes it's oak or pine, or even maple. And every board has a lot of character.


WoodAlert team: What's your favorite Wood Magazine?

Steve Ramsey: My favorite woodworking magazine is Wood Magazine.


WoodAlert team: Name 3 pieces of equipment pieces from your own shop you use the most.

Steve Ramsey: Tablesaw, router and random orbit sander.


WoodAlert team: A message to your readers and fans.

Steve Ramsey: I have a simple message: Woodworking is for everyone and can mean a lot of things. You don't need expensive tools or a lot of training to build projects out of wood!


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Thank you Steve!