In order to respond to all requests in terms of providing lumber, framing and beams, Lorraine Wood Industry (LIB) has expanded its range of wood construction products and inaugurated a production line of solid fibreboard made from French wood.

The glue-laminated, a synonym of quality and process efficiency

First dried and then butted against glued or glued laminated wood, Lorraine Wood Industry ensures quality and optimal rigidity for any desired section. Available up to 200 x 220 mm (duo or trio) and up to 200 x 300 mm (glulam), these sections can also undergo further processing steps such as profiling or slotting in below subcontracting manufacturers wooden houses, for example. Manufactured from French softwood (spruce, larch, Douglas, Pine, Fir) or in the north woods on-demand, the wood glues of LIB are available in flow on list. This service meets the requirements and flexibility of the professional market for wood constructions. To ensure a perfect professional quality, the wood glued-laminates are in the process of CE marking and certification from Acerbois Glulam - BMR.

LIB, a leading supplier of glued laminated French wood from Lorraine, commissioned in neighboring countries and countries of the North. The glulam products are derived from an increasing know-how which develops little by little in France. Lorraine Wood Industry is now one of the few providers in Northeast French. Eco-committed actor, LIB has developed its wood glued on a principle that has always stood to defend the short supply chain in order to enhance the local wood. The main idea being haing a consistency around an environmental and social project: limit greenhouse gas emissions by developing local resources and support production in France, while promoting the local economy.

LIB was created in 2008 in order to integrate and enhance the main stages of processing wood from French mountains (Vosges mainly) while meeting the requirements of quality, cost and time. LIB manufactures glulam, wood structures, modular extensions and wooden frame houses. LIB is certified by BTC-AB, PEFC and French Timber industry organisation.