Sometimes, the cold weather outside is urging us to spend more and more of our free time at home. So, do not waste time and try to build something useful for your home, i.e. reconditioned an old chair, a door repair, or build a hanger with a clever form for children - a pencil-shaped hanger!
For the manufacturing process you need the following materials: wood, screws, paint, brushes and a few existing tools in any DIY enthusiast home.

Operations are easy, you only need little handiness.

  1. First, the piece of wood must be finished on all sides with sandpaper in order to obtain a perfectly smooth surface and free of rough edges. Using the same tool you can achieve the edge of the 'pencil' taking care to be as symmetrical as possible.
  2. After finishing the top, turn your attention to the lower end of the future hanger where you will need to cut out four equal pieces that you will use to achieve the tabs. In order to fix them, you will need 4 identical cylinders of wood. Components are joined in pairs by using screws, and later will be attach to hanger.
  3. Once the 4 hanger hooks set are fixed, you can begin his painting. As children are attracted to bright pastel colors, is better to combine as many different colors to get an attractive visual effect.
  4. All you need to do now is bring the little kids clothes and hang them in the new hanger!