Friday, March 21, France celebrated for the first time the International Day of Forests. On this occasion, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry presented one of its actions in forest policy: the construction and launch of the first inventory of forest genetic resources on territories under French sovereignty.

It is also a component of the National Plan of adaptation to climate change, as part of the policy of conservation and sustainable management of forest genetic resources. It will evaluate the adaptability of forest genetic resources with the consequences of climate change. By forest genetic resources, should mean all tree species (interspecific biodiversity) and genetic diversity within species (intraspecific biodiversity).

This diversity is reflected in widespread forest formations, but also through the few people who managed to develop specific genetic adaptations in the difficult conditions of climate and soil. Considerable work was done in collecting and synthesizing information showing the exceptional diversity of genetic resources in French forests.

The list of tree species present on French territory covers four continents (Europe, America, Africa and Oceania). It shows the wealth of genetic resources. Regularly, new species are discovered, particularly in Guyana. The infinite variety of contexts, often insular conditions gives them a remarkable scarcity worldwide (high endemism).

This French inventory contributes to global FAO report, drawing up the first global inventory of forest genetic resources.