Bellow we present the 2012-2013 FIBA assesment in the evolution of plywood market, distribution, development of timber production capacity and industrial dynamics.


In 2013, plywood production of maritime pine panels was 115.000 m3, with an increase of 5.5% compared to 2012. Sales of 120.000 m3 in 2013 followed this trend (+12%), thanks to an increase in foreign demand: more than 50% of maritime pine plywood were exported in large majority to Germany. For 2014, the prospects are good in terms of volumes, thanks to the sustained consumption of Germany. However, the market remains highly competitive - an increase in selling prices is very difficult because of Brazilian and Chilean competition.


The sales volumes of flooring, paneling and maritime pine moldings continues to decline in 2013. Industrial sites have adapted their production to other species and other products. The marketing analysis conducted by FIBA in 2013 urged for collective action on repositioning the product lines. This action could only be achieved in coordination with the distribution (in progress).

Production capacity

Sawmills activity (measured by annual production) adapted to the situation after the subprime crisis and lays at -10% compared to 2007(- 20% in France). Plywood production in Aquitaine is expected to increase after a period of contraction (the closure of Xilofrance). Installed capacity of Aquitaine sawmills remained stable between 2007 and 2014; the new investments offset closures recorded in the period. New investments are programmed to increase the capacity of sawmills in the next three years.

Industrial dynamics

Regarding industry dynamics of building timber in Aquitaine, a strong questioning of the increased costs of raw materials led to:

  • diversified strategies (diversification of second transformation supplies, diversification of markets, investment and competitiveness modernization, capacity reduction)
  • an economic development model with a convergence of supply prices with the wood industry
  • an important development in the valuation of related energy
  • market developments that will change the valuations of building timber in maritime pine: ongoing evolution of model planning with current range of flooring/paneling/molding with the possibility of developing other products (cladding / blades terrace / wood construction / outdoor wood / carpentry / packaging). Regional companies explore all possibilities.

Federation of Aquitaine Wood Industries - FIBA (Fédération des Industries du Bois d'Aquitaine) represents all sectors of the forestry and wood processing. Its main roles are to represent companies before governments and regional actors, to boost industry through technical actions and regulatory monitoring and promotion of products and businesses.