Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Daniel Constantin, said today, after a workshop on how to support and finance Romanian forests,  that he seeks solutions to provide support to a higher and sustainable management of forests.

The workshop was held at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and hosted the participation of the Minister of Agriculture, Daniel Constantin, Secretary of State George Turtoi, and representatives of Romanian Forest Owners Association as of the World Wide Fund – WWF. The discussion focused on finding solutions to fund future environmental PNDR measures to support forests. A first concrete action is that next week, a technical working group will be created that will define the most appropriate measures for sustaining forests in the PNDR 2014-2020.

"We are open to dialogue and believe that our rapid response to the industry requests is proof that we understand the importance which forests have. I wish that these proposals had come much earlier, when I had the consultation, but I am convinced that we will find solutions to ensure support to a sustainable management of the forest fund", said the Minister of Agriculture, Daniel Constantin.

In the first version of the Rural National Development Programme 2014 - 2020 sent to the European Commission, the forestry sector benefits from an allocation of over 105 million euros for the development of investment measures in forestry and forest sustainability improvement. Through this measure, afforestation activities can be financed, on both agricultural and non-agricultural land, as well as the creation of protective forest. Through the extent of forest access infrastructure funding (roads and related works) 200 million euros will be allocated, which will allow a much better management of forest areas.