Cosylva expands its range of glulam cladding with a new color range. Carpenter's partner for 30 years, Cosylva completed and rejuvenated its range of glulam cladding with a new color palette. To meet the growing demand, the chart is trendier and fits the needs of master builders and building owners. Cosylva will present the exclusive new range at Carrefour du bois in Nantes (hall 4-F21).

Cosylva meets the increasingly demanding application

Cosylor® is available in 8 new colors, such as gray quartz or swedish red, meeting the growing demand of Cosylva clients. Made so far in metallic cladding or composite cladding, these new colors cover the needs of all owners. Guaranteed for 6 years, these semi-transparent stains leave the wood veins exposed and are easy to maintain. The cladding range Hors Aubier with saturators is also enriched with natural colors which reinforce the warmth of wood.

To meet developers growing demand, who want to see the difference in appearance between the blade exposed and non-exposed to the weather, Cosylva offers new solutions with 3 grays saturator and gray blades by impregnation in autoclave. Buildings facades no longer pass through a period of transition between the natural color of Douglas and silver gray wood which is subject to weather conditions. Pre-graying is now part of the standard so that the cladding aging is made in a homogenous and harmonious manner.

Manufactured in France, with wood from eco-certified forests (PEFC), cladding glued Cosylva is being produced under ACERBOIS GLULAM certification and designed in accordance with DTU 41.2. This quality product is environmentally sustainable, with achievements that defy the15 year warranty, remaining in perfect condition. The recognized durability of Douglas Fir (serving 95% of its sapwood), suitable for outdoor use, makes cladding particularly refractory to moisture uptake and bonded blades remain dimensionally stable over time (no tiling). Finally, the semi-transparent acrylic finish allows perfect siding protection and gives an aesthetic finish, highlighting the brushed wood structure.

About Cosylva

Based in Bourganeuf, established over 30 years ago by Dominique BOUTHILLON, headed today by Julien BOUTHILLON, the company Cosylva was the first to engage in the production of glued laminated Douglas fir, local essence with exceptional qualities. Having more than doubled its employee number, the company supplies more than 15,000 m3 of timber structure and cladding per year while respecting environmental values which are its real assets.