Following the continuous efforts of development of French wood pledged by the whole forest-based sector, the French wood industry have decided to unite under the collective slogan "Choose the French wood".

This signature, available to all companies, aims to promote wood and wood products from French forests. It will enhance the richness of metropolitan species and overseas, the variety of valuation techniques, the renewed dynamism of the sector but also promotes phytosanitary social and environmental conditions in which these woods are processed.

Thanks to a representative sample of the French supply, provision of manuals of hardwoods and softwoods, technical books, each user or prescriber - carpenter, merchant, architect, landscaper, arranger, designer, manufacturer of industrial secondary processing and so on – will find at the "Choose French wood" stand, at CIB, solutions in French wood for all uses.

Why a common signature?

The wood has many advantages that are well established: noble material, warmth, eco-friendliness, efficiency, and so on. These arguments are highlighted and valued by wood professionals. The "French wood" argument would also have its place? Undoubtedly!

The French wood industry has gathered around a common identity to increase the visibility of French wood. Their first event will be held at the Carrefour International du Bois in 2014.

Challenging misconceptions about the French offer and enter in the forest potential

Creativity of the French industrial wood finds its inspiration rooted in French forests. Oak, beech, fir, poplar, pine, douglas, and so on. So many species, so many properties, assets that the French wood professionals know how to capitalize on. By clearly showing the French wood products show that they meet the expectations of users and their needs by offering a complete, structured and quality. The origin of the wood will become a true differentiating criterion to guide the choice of buyers.

Connect to the hexagon and perceive the French industrialists as preferred partners

Reconstruction of the network of professionals through close relationships and quality is also a goal of this program. The French wood industriels invest approximately € 400 million annually in their production facilities in order to increase their ability to respond to market challenges. Passionate about their raw material, they are constantly reinventing new ways to capitalize on it. They have upgraded their offer and how they work. Today they are key partners for all wooden users.

Develop a sense of belonging to a future industry

Finally, while the wood is one of 34 promising niches distinguished by the government, belonging to the French forest-sector must not only be an opportunistic statement, but a reality for each of its players. The French wood industriels are making visible their commitment with this signature.

A brand implemented for all

Developed communication revolves around a central unifying identity "Choose French wood". This identity can be widely used and displayed by all the processors and users of French wood who are involved in construction, land, furniture, energy or packaging. A leaflet presenting the approach and the use of logos and is available for all companies wishing to invest in this process.

Because the French resource is rich, it quickly became important to distinguish and highlight the various species. This will rely on the strengths of each.

Stand "Choose French wood" at Carrefour du Bois

Carrefour du Bois is in the spotlight with the stand "Choose French wood", hosted by the associations for the promotion of French essences: APEP, APECF, France Douglas and softwood Committee of FNB. Professionals will find:

  • samples of various species, softwood and hardwood
  • their technical specifications
  • innovative processes
  • possible new applications