The e-commerce giant could file its proposed introduction next month.

Ten billion dollars? Fifteen? The amount of funds Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce king, wants to raise is not yet fixed. However, the principle of an introduction to the New York Stock Exchange is already officially recorded. "Alibaba has decided to start procedures for quotation in the United States. This will make us a more international business and improve the transparency of the group," says the Chinese giant, which has more than 500 million customers via the most popular Chinese e-commerce platform, Taobao.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Alibaba could file its proposed introduction next month. The quotation itself intervene in the third quarter 2014. It will not be the biggest Wall Street introduction of technological value, but close. Facebook, which has been listed since May 2012, had raised $ 16 billion.

Before moving to New York, Alibaba was seeking as many Chinese groups a listing in Hong Kong. But the giant of online business was renounced in 2013 as the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, wanted control board, which is contrary to the rules in force at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. However, Alibaba does not close the door to a future listing on this site."If circumstances permit in the future, we are open to the possibility of extending our quotation to Chinese stock markets."