About 90 apartments built from wood in order to save energy and money to those who inhabit them. Is the project that the cooperative Redenta wants to accomplish in Calenzano way of Fogliaia, and which was presented yesterday morning at the Town Hall in the presence of the mayor Alessio Biagioli.

Future housing will cost about 2000 euro per square meter - a price much lower than the values of the real estate market of reference - and will be sold primarily to members of CFT (Cooperativa fiorentina di facchinaggio, trasporti e logistica), the cooperative Florentine porterage, transport and logistics, which is located within the fruit and vegetable market in Novoli, Florence (the mission for which Redenta was born is precisely to meet the housing needs of the social body of CFT).

"This project of ours - says the president of Redenta,  Alessandro Carmignani - is an attempt to respond to housing needs, first of all to CFT members, focusing on quality and sustainability not only environmental but also economic."