The Board of Directors of Biesse S.p.A. - a company listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange - approved today the update of the strategic plan for the period 2014-2016.

As a result of the initiatives contained in the plan, the expected results from the Biesse Group in the next three years are:

  •   growth in consolidated revenues (three-year CAGR: 7.0%)
  •   increase in the value added tax (percentage of revenues 41.5% in 2016)
  •   margin recovery :  
  1. (EBITDA percentage of revenues 13.8% in 2016)
  2. (EBIT percentage of revenues 10.1% in 2016)     


"The top part of the solid foundation laid in 2013 " - said General Director Dr. Stephen Little Pigs" which closed for Biesse revenues broadly in line with those of the previous year, but with a higher order intake of 7.8 % below that of 2012, despite an economic environment still suffering from stagnation, the credit crunch and rising risks on the economies of emerging countries.

Still in 2013, Biesse has made a strong recovery in margins (with a return to a robust net profit) and especially a significant reduction of its net debt (PFN to € 23.9 million, an improvement of € 32.3 million on the figure for the December 2012) , even though they progressively increased investments in commercial and product. Achieving a positive net result allows us to propose this year already for a return to the payment of dividends that we hope will become a constant for the foreseeable future. From this starting point we have today approved the projects necessary to ensure the development of Biesse during the period 2014-2016, focusing more than ever on technological innovation and commercial capillarity.

The approved plan is a pl business plan, an that provides an average growth of 7 % in the period, the more prudent exercise 2014 (particularly in the first half) - where one can see the risks on the rise in so-called emerging economies - then placing greater trust on the two-year period 2015 -16 which we believe can best benefit the business cycle expansion the expected.