Founded in 1993 by André Bunzli, AGEKA has rapidly emerged becoming a pioneer in national distribution of wood siding colors, glulam distribution, glued and butted against and isolation of natural and ecological products. Understand and undertake the environmental impact is an initiative in the heart of the evolution of this company specialized in the distribution and manufacturing of wood products.

AGEKA has recently launched a new range of wall cladding color, VETEC range. With its colors and contemporary trends, the models VETEC Color, VETEC Natural Effect, VETEC Effect Metal and VETEC Effect Aged allow easy installation and fast thanks to their 6 tongue and groove profiles on all 4 sides. With good thermal and acoustic insulation, durability, great fit and finish quality, VETEC siding enables it to withstand the test of time. 15 years guarantee on color and 30 years on the wood (manufacturer specifications).

The winning bet of Andre Bunzli: focus on innovation. With over 20 years of expertise, AGEKA party is definitely one of those rare entities that made the crazy bet to believe in timber construction at a time when any site that was concrete. The development of such an activity in a sector in full development was born of the instinctive vision of company founder André Bunzli. "At a time when only distributors led the sector, AGEKA was born from the idea that we could offer products that were not yet on the market and also bring added value to conventional distributors: technical and engineering advice". The company is developing an exclusive range of products, being one of the few to offer innovation at low price. The glulam through the roofing components or the recent new range of cladding VETEC, AGEKA provides a wide range of solutions for architects, wood builders, carpenters or artisans. In adopting an innovative strategy on the french market in full development, "AGEKA was first proposed wood siding color with a range of guarantees, and also the first to speak of finger jointed and laminated. We do not take us to seriously, this is the boldness which has made us successful".

AGEKA new challenges: harness wood in its ecological dimension

Increase of the world population, increasing scarcity and increase in the price of energy and raw materials, the need to limit the effects of global warming. This association of issues on the future of the entire construction industry, requires us to prevent the causes and remedy these risks. André Bunzli was one of the first to take into account these needs by providing an optimized approach to resources. "The advantage of these natural products of wood fiber, cellulose wadding or hemp is that they can store CO2 rather than pollute the future of our children. Building with wood is a real commitment and protection for the future of our planet," says André Bunzli. From sustainably managed forests and controlled through PEFC and FSC certification, these solutions enable thus the ecological lever for the future. This initiative allows the company to remain competitive in its industry sector and also be a major driver for the entire sector.

About Ageka

Independent developer and manufacturer recognized, Ageka for more than 15 years developed and distributed solutions for the construction wood and offered its customers the materials for an economic habitat taking into account the environment. The manufacturing unit VETEC ® is located in Colmar. Delivery anywhere in France. Company Labelled PEFC and FSC.