During the Salon du Bois in 2014, which runs from April 3 to 6 to Alpexpo Grenoble, Europe’s best young carpenters will compete to win the prestigious title. An unmissable  event for the timber industry.

Every two years, young carpenters from all over Europe compete in the Youth Carpenters European Championship to determine the best nation carpenters and the best carpenter in Europe. With the aim to present and showcase the talent of professionals in the wood sector, eight countries are competing in woodworking. A jury of experts will be asked to evaluate.

Those carpenters who already had the opportunity to attend the European Championship can confirm without hesitation: it is a memorable experience! Not only for carpenters. What the new generation of carpenters is capable during the three-day competition is extremely impressive.

They perform works of astonishing technology. In a limited time, they make models much more complicated than they seem. The human component is added to it. Each championship, whether sporting or professional, is accompanied by stress and tension, ups and downs, moments of happiness and suffering.

During the championship, candidates exceed their limits and give everything, often in the final minutes, to complete their model. This is visible to all visitors and observers who are captivated by the technical and personal capabilities that the new generation of timber construction shows.